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Corruption Porn Games is a collection of hardcore sex games that will surely please all the fantasies you might have regarding hypno kinks. You find so little content on the web these days that’s proper for this fantasy. The few movies that are made by some independent producers are featuring girls who don’t have such great acting skills, and the best bet is to go with the erotica stories if you want some action in which you can immerse yourself. Well, that used to be the best bet because you found out about our site. This new sex site is going to give you some of the most interactive and realistic experiences. Even though the babes of this site are not real, they surely feel real because of the way they move, react to your kinks and also through the way you interact with them. The games of our site are combining cool hypno stories with some amazing sex gameplay sessions all featuring mind control kinks.

The games that we have on our site are coming to you for free. The site on which you will play them is not only free but will never ask for any personal info. We have so much more to offer you on this site. One of the other features of this platform that might interest you is the community that we’ve built around this kink and that can be enjoyed through comment sections and a forum. You can also enjoy the community experience with no registration. We have everything you need for an amazing time on our site. Just let yourself carried away by your fantasy on our site and you will see that you will need no other hypno collection as long as we have this virtual kink world.

Rare Hypno Games On A Free Open Site

What makes our collection so valuable is the lack of movies and galleries of hypnosis porn on all the other sites that you’ll find on the web. We keep adding new games to this collection as soon as possible after their release. We keep an eye on the developers that are handling these kinks and we also fund some of their projects through Patreon. We have some games in which you can enjoy the corruption fantasy through sex simulator gameplay. You will hypnotize some girls in POV style and you will fuck them in some of the dirtiest ways. They will give you total control over their bodies.

But the hottest sex games that you will find on our site are coming with RPG gameplay. You will customize your character and you will be able to enjoy leveling it up, while learning new skills and ways through which you can control the minds of the babes. These games are coming with open world maps and you will be able to walk around, looking for girls and choosing the right moment to put your spells on them. You will be able to advance to the point in which you will control all the chicks of the map and have your own submissive zombie sex harem.

As mentioned above, the hypno kink is big in the erotica niche, and we have a way through which you can enjoy mind control erotica stories in the most interactive text-based games in which

Corruption Porn Games Is Totally Safe And Interactive

We know that the hypno kink is not one that everyone wants to be known of having, so we made a goal out of safe proofing our site. We have all the features that you need for knowing that your porn habits will stay a secret. The fact that we don’t ask for any info or registration is not a coincidence. We also never know your IP address when you’re on our site thanks to encrypted connectivity.

With all these great safety features you will also be able to enjoy community interactions via comment sections and via the forum. You will have so many new friends who are sharing your kink and who are going to give you a reason to come back to our site.

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